Verilin has been producing luxurious and highly durable linen for the home and hospitality sector since 1956.

From the very beginning, Verilin has opted for the highest quality – an intrinsic value which still remains the company’s motto today. A combination of tradition, craftsmanship, innovation and creativity
has made the Kortrijk-based manufacturer one of the world’s foremost producers of luxury linen products.

Verilin manages to push the boundaries with a product that has been anchored in Flemish culture for centuries. The craftsmanship and innovative drive of Verilin have brought international recognition for
the company’s creations. More recently, Verilin has also positioned itself as a provider of high-grade customized products: any linen dream can now
become reality, thanks to a high-tech machine park combined with the professional craftsmanship in the workshop. Also unique is the fact that the whole production process, from weaving to finishing, still happens on-site under their own management. All customizing work is done in-house in Belgium.

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