Studio Emblématique

Pushing the boundaries, going the extra mile to find the extraordinary piece that defines the space. Embracing craftmanship and originality, adding a soul, creating charming surface imperfections, aiming an understated elegance and being unique. It is an intriguing meeting between smooth curved lines and rebellious expressions.

Breaking up with traditional shapes, I wanted to give more attraction to the object and create more interaction around it. With just one object you can define your own dynamic in your interior. Have you ever thought how much time we spend around various tables from morning to night, from weekdays to week-ends. Isn’t it worth seeking for a surprising effect in your interior offering daily joyful memories for you, family, guests, collegues or customers?

Organic architecture and breathtaking desert scenery by wind erosion inspired me to create my stone shaped furniture line.
Resulting in artful and functional furniture with an attractive look, a soft touch, extending possiblities, a glamorous appeal,…. Why not?