Reda Amalou

Reda Amalou is a french architect and designer. But mostly a creator of experiences.

Each one of his creations are telling a story. Either it is about his childhood in Algeria, London’s chaos he experimented during his studies, or the tumult of his many trips around the globe, Reda Amalou is always on the look for a new discovery. He collects sparkles of stupefaction that will shine through his work. Pieces of life, tributes to craftsmanship and multiculturalism, are making their way to interiors with an incredible flow and ease. His collections are a perfect echo of Reda Amalou’s architectural work. Inspired by the aesthetic sensibilities of the 20th century, he designs each piece thinking of the materials. He particularly likes the essence of walnut but also bronze, leather, glass, eggshell, lacquer, etc., each variation dialogues with elegance as long as materials are rich, textured and vibrant. The pieces are magnificent, but their balance makes them more personal, more informal.

Design VS Architecture
Two fields, two scales. But mostly a dialogue that never stop to nourish Reda Amalou’s work. Instead of confronting practices, it is about questioning them collectively. Architecture elaborates the structure, when design jostle it, exalt it, foil it. Creativity cannot be satisfied by an illusionary separation. From the construction of an hotel to the fabrication of a bench, the intent is the same : carrying the emotion as a center piece of the trait, paying tribute to the
nature and sublimation of pattern. Intensity gets anywhere we can recognize it.