Atelier Pierre Culot

Pierre Culot’s work
Pierre Culot (1938-2011) was a ceramicist and sculptor. Having studied at the École d’art de l’abbaye de Maredsous, he developed his skills through contact with the leading post-war ceramicists. Sculpture became a more important part of his work as of the 1970s.

The collection
In Belgium and throughout their travels, Miche and Pierre Culot collected ceramics objects: plates, pitchers, bowls, goblets, dishes, flasks, jars and bottles. For Pierre, the idea of building a collection took shape as the ever more numerous pieces accumulated on the shelves. Orlandini sits next to one by Lampecco and de Vinck. On the furniture there are works by the ceramicists Jean and Jacqueline Lerat, Yves Mohy, Robert Deblander and Elisabeth Joulia. Pierre also acquired several bottles by Bernard Leach, creations by Michael Cardew and porcelain pieces by the Australian Hanssen Pigott. Here and there, these works are placed next to ridge tiles from Picardy, Flemish bricks, a few Strebelles, a pair of Art Deco columns signed Craco, Piet Stockmans wings and ceramics by Claude Champy.

The collection also includes works by Richard Batterham, Bruno Gambone and Michel Lévêque. It boasts two fine Hans Copers, the artist whom the couple met in London at the beginning of the 1970s. There is a painting by Pascal Slootmakers, Tournai porcelain, Rhenan jugs, several bowls by Thiébault Chagué, a former pupil of Pierre, and a Tamba cassette as well as Shigaraki style jars, brought back from Japan. This rather heterogeneous collection also contains several pieces by Shoji Hamada.