Allure – refinement – harmony – quality, these all go together to create an atmosphere of sophistication.
Top-quality objects which people in the know can recognize for their recherché design and quality build, and for their aesthetic and timeless shape, materials, manufacture, and finish.
The intrinsic elegance of our product ranges means they can show off their charm, and harmonize with a wide variety of other styles. The towering personality of our finishes means that every individual item has its own character, and is not subject to the latest trend. Years of experience not just in designing shaped wood, but also in other highly specialized techniques.
Wood is the backbone of our projects. Wood is strong, robust, solid. It is the Earth. It is where we all came from. Shaped wood is flexible, sensuous, feminine, the very symbol of malleability. It can be shaped, moulded, and transformed into items with no straight lines, which are a soft, elegant sign of the world to come. At Emmemobili we certainly know how to train shapes with our products.
Final products are and must be a marriage between the company and the designer. Indeed, Emmemobili only makes products which play our trump card of unmistakable designs. The company works with designers in making products. All our experience means products are finely tuned and complete. The complete cycle, from prototypes via manufacture to the final product, is carried out inside the company with extremely skilled craftsmen and three-dimensional modeling software.