De Le Cuona

An adventurous spirit born out of Africa and a passion for discovery seeking out the best quality natural fibres and the finest artisans to work with.

Discovering Belgium linens & flax
While travelling in Belgium, Bernie was introduced to linen and the beauty of this robust yet gentle fabric. The versatility and ways linen can feel and be handled conquered her mind. The flax field amazed her, as the best flax was grown here.

Discovering craftsmanship & ancient techniques
The next stop was India, where Bernie was inspired by the way Indian craftsmen produced silk – all weaving and finishing was done by hand.
The attention to detail was incredible! She immediately thought that the softening technique can be applied to linen.

De Le Cuona – Established 1992
With all the knowledge and inspiration from these trips Bernie established de Le Cuona with the passion to make linen fabrics that the world had never seen before – wonderfully floppy, soft and textured. These textures, complemented by the distinctive colour palette inspired by Africa, made de Le Cuona’s collections truly unique.

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