Catellani & Smith

Mission Light

“The bulb makes light. We make the lamp that gives a shape to that light. We craft by our hands. So that each lamp is the lamp. We have all the light it takes to win agianst darkness.”

The manifesto of light

  • The anti-darkness: the light it takes, designed to solve.
  • In their spaces, omnipresent, also close to their way of being.
  • Their light has an identity. It is recognizable.
  • Beauty is a subjective thing. They make what they like. And others might like it too.
  • If beauty is a subjective thing, perfection is not.

A 30 years lasting success

“Surprising, at first. Consolidated today. This is the summary of our success. Handled with humility, with respect and commitment towards our clients. Catellani & Smith’ creations are loved, in the world. – Enzo Catellani & Logan Smith.”