Andrée Jardin

Buying an Andrée Jardin brush is a way to support a manufacturer who ensures the preservation of French know-how. Brosserie Julio (manufacturer of the Andrée Jardin brand) carries on the century-old traditions of the brush industry: the craftsmanship necessary to work with hog bristles is based on the experience of several generations, and nothing replaces human dexterity, the only way to obtain such an exclusive quality.

Their wood, both beech and heat-treated ash, is locally sourced from susainably managed forests.

The bristles are made of natural materials, namely white hog bristle, horsehair or plant fibres.

For these reasons, Brosserie Julio carries the label EPV (Enteprise du Patrimoine Vivant). This is a French government award, give to companies demonstrating excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how.

Their production methods, in small batches, remain artisanal even today. They are convinced this is the best way to fight against Asian importation and the ‘throw away’ trend of wipes and disposable systems.

Simplicity, Quality, Sustainability: The DNA of their label!

By buying Andrée Jardin products, you give a real meaning to your purchases and say no to today’s trends of waste, gadget products and broke promises.

Andrée Jardin is a ‘love brand’, a brand which benefits from the uncondional support of a group of fans of all ages and wit hall types of homes.